How to Talk with Kids to Build Stress Tolerance & Motivation with Dr. Stixrud and Ned Johnson

In looking back at some of the most challenging conversations you’ve had with your kids, have you sometimes thought to yourself, “How did that conversation go so wrong? I wanted to impart wisdom, teach a lesson, and all I got was their tuning me out, slamming the door, and I felt angrier than before!”

Join me in this rich conversation with best-selling authors, Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, as we talk about their book, What Do You Say? How to Talk with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home.

If you’ve asked yourself “What on earth do I say to support my child’s stress tolerance?” “What does an effective conversation look like when talking about their use of technology?” “What type of language is effective at helping my child handle their anxiety?” then tune in to this eye-opening conversation with clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. William Stixrud, and with Ned Johnson, author, speaker and founder of PrepMatters who has spent nearly 50,000 one-on-one hours helping students learn to manage their anxiety and develop their own motivation to succeed.

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