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If we’re honest with ourselves, until we learn a new approach, our parenting is largely based on how we were parented, our mood in the moment, if our child’s behavior happens in public, and advice from well-intentioned family and friends.

I won’t tell you how to “fix” your child. That is parenting of a different genre. I will collaborate with you in your inner growth so you can make a paradigm shift in your parenting. We’ll explore your specific life circumstances, your causes of stress, belief systems, and family dynamics to address the root of your personal and parenting struggles. You’ll learn how to create a home environment where your children can develop a healthy sense of self and connection in their relationship with you.

Below are 3 ways we can work together.

Work 1:1 with me

As a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, my work with you will include helping you to declutter emotional obstacles, helping you identify your child’s needs and create connection, showing you alternate methods to traditional discipline, guiding you to achieve more empowered communication with your children and achieve a sense of joy in parenting, creating a workable plan of action for you and your family, among other components of coaching.


If you’d like a presentation or workshop for your school, organization or conference, I’d be happy to work with you. My professional background as statewide bilingual spokesperson for UC San Diego’s Network for a Healthy California and working with English- and Spanish-language media and as conference presenter have allowed me to connect with parents, families, school administrators, businesses, researchers, and organizations for many years.
My presentations cover topics including emotional intelligence, resilience, emotional regulation, early childhood, helping parents in their journey to better understand themselves and their inner needs, so they can better connect with and meet the needs of their children, among others.

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My courses are designed to guide you in a step-by-step process of recognizing your patterns, your triggers and your areas of growth so you can directly begin connecting with yourself and
your children.
You will learn how to respond consciously to your child’s behaviors instead of reactively, how to guide your children and not control them, how to be curious about and not suppress your child’s feelings, set limits respectfully and empathically, how to eliminate yelling as your default go-to when you’re feeling frustrated, and how to gradually repair your relationship with your child if you’ve experienced disconnection throughout the years, among other topics.


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