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I’m a Conscious Parenting Coach certified by clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, in her Conscious Parenting Coaching Method

I’m here to support you in becoming the parent you want to be, to provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools to raise children who enjoy mental and emotional health, children who thrive because they have learned through their parents’ modeling and constant guidance and support how to develop emotional intelligence, resilience, emotional regulation, a sense of self-worth, trust in themselves, among many other important life skills.

Helping parents to end inter-generational transmission of pain and trauma and to raise children who have healthy relationships with themselves and their loved ones, children who become adults free from toxic mental and emotional patterns:

This is my passion.
This is where I want to make a difference in the world.

Would you like to become self-aware and emotionally available for your children while learning how you can address your inner needs as a parent?
This is a critical and doable endeavor to undertake because as parents it’s crucial that we become aware of and understand the emotional baggage of our past and its effect on our current relationship with our children, so we can be conscious of the emotional inheritance we are giving them.

“Whatever we don’t deal with in ourselves, we pass on to our kids.”

– Dr. Gabor Maté

A little about me…

My passion for growing as a mother and as a professional in the field of mental health has led me to dedicate years to academic and professional training, but also – and most importantly – to apply what I learn in my daily life because without inner growth and without being connected to ourselves and our needs, how can we connect with and foster the emotional growth of our children?

When I became a mother, I realized all the inner work I needed to do – and continue to do – to raise my son without my emotional baggage from the past. My years of experience working at the Department of Pediatrics with the University of California, San Diego inspired me to look beyond the physical health of children and to address the connection between children’s emotional well-being and their parents’ emotional states. I understood the importance of working directly with parents in order to make a lasting impact in the lives of their children. 

This is my passion, and this is my commitment to you – to help you make sense of all the valuable information science has made available and use it to create a psychological environment in which your children can thrive.

Degrees, Certifications & Training

Master’s in Public Health – University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts in Communication – San Diego State University

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach – Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Coaching Institute

Personal Development and Leadership – National Hispana Leadership Institute

Brain-Based Strategies for Children and Adolescents – by Dr. Tina Bryson

Making Sense of Your Life – by Dr. Daniel Siegel

Conscious Parenting Strategies for Success with Kids under 6 – by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Compassionate Parenting – by Dr. Lisa Firestone

Worked with families and youth at Department of Pediatrics – University of California, San Diego

Media training from Berkeley Media Studies Group, Los Angeles Times, Brown Miller
Communications, Paine PR, and California Department of Public Health

Public speaking training – Toastmasters International


San Diego Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Award

KPBS Local Hero Award

Let me offer you another way to parent! A way that teaches principles that are true to the science of brain development and developmental psychology.
An approach that will foster your children’s mental and emotional health, their  confident expression of their true selves, a connected relationship with you, and your own inner growth as a parent!

There is a different way to parent that shifts from the old paradigm of control to the new paradigm of connection.

And you know what? It doesn’t start with our children, fixing them or taking them to lesson after lesson, or one extracurricular activity after another. It starts with us, the parents! What a responsibility and what an opportunity!

And you know what? It doesn’t start with our children, fixing them or taking them to lesson after lesson, or one extracurricular activity after another. It starts with us, the parents! What a responsibility and what an opportunity!

What is Conscious

Conscious parenting is not about raising the perfect child or about being the perfect parent who never makes mistakes. It’s about gaining the knowledge to understand where our children are in their developmental stage and engaging with them according to the needs of that developmental stage. It’s about understanding that in our daily interactions with our children – especially in early childhood – we are building their sense of self. It’s about healing the emotional baggage of our past in order to be aware of the emotional inheritance we are giving our children.

What Conscious
Parenting is not:

Conscious parenting is not permissive parenting. On the contrary, it’s highly aware parenting – not hyper vigilant, but highly aware – aware of our emotional states as parents, the developmental stage of our children and their internal world of thoughts and feelings, so we can provide the necessary input for any given situation.

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