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As a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

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– Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times Best Selling Author, The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family
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“Karemi is a living example of inner growth and transforming that into purpose, and now she’s expanded that growth toward effectively helping parents to raise their children consciously.”
– Shilpa
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“You unlocked so many things for me, and reframed so many of my old belief systems. You have been so helpful in my journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Karemi. You are an amazing coach and person.”
– Laura
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“Working with Karemi has been invaluable in my conscious parenting journey. The time I spent with her and on suggested activities outside of our meeting times really helped guide me through the inner work necessary to allow me to transform into the parent I want to be. This was time and money well spent and I would encourage anyone considering coaching to invest your time in working with Karemi.”
- Jackie, M.D. (Mother of 2)
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"I reached out to Coach Karemi because I was becoming increasingly angry and rageful toward my toddler. I read all the books and listened to the podcasts, but I needed actionable tools to help me stop freaking out on my kids. Working with Coach Karemi has been incredibly helpful to my parenting, but also changed the way that I think about and talk to myself. She is incredibly empathetic and easy to talk to, but also gives it to you straight, calls you on your stuff (in the nicest way), helps you find actionable useful tools and has a wealth of knowledge on child development and common parenting struggles. Coaching helped me become aware of how much worse I treat myself than anyone else and helped me explore my past in a productive way to understand why I have become so reactive and how to let that go. The tools that she has given me are not only useful in parenting, but in work, friendships and in my marriage. I am definitely a better parent than when I started and am more satisfied and balanced. Honestly, I feel more prepared for any adversity that may show up in any area of life thanks to my work with Coach Karemi!"

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